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As SDS Max Drill Bit Manufacturers and SDS Max Drill Bit for Cutting Edges Factory, We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.

Lichang is a professional manufacturer majoring in producing drill bits, chisels, hole saws, and other tool accessories.

With a land area of 120,000 ㎡, Lichang has five main workshops and 700 machines. Lichang has always taken the lead in equipment investment and advocates for a safer working environment and the completion of quality systems with new technologies in production.

Lichang is a cooperative team consists of more than 400 workers. We supply SDS Max Drill Bits for Cutting Edges Wholesale and we respect and care for our employees, clients, and society and provide our employees with regular and professional training. Over the years, we are constantly improving our technology to create better products for clients.

Lichang strives to supply high-quality products and services. That’s why we have clients from around the world. You can easily discover more than 300 Lichang agents in China and our products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.
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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.
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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.

What is the difference between SDS MAX DRILL BIT and SDS PLUS DRILL BIT?

SDS-Max and SDS-Plus are two different types of shank designs for rotary hammer drill bits. Here are the key differences between SDS-Max and SDS-Plus drill bits:
Shank Size: SDS-Max drill bits have a larger shank size than SDS-Plus drill bits. SDS-Max shanks have a diameter of 18mm, while SDS-Plus shanks have a diameter of 10mm. This means that SDS-Max drill bits are generally larger and heavier than SDS-Plus drill bits, and they are capable of drilling larger holes and handling more demanding drilling applications.
Impact Energy: SDS-Max rotary hammer drills are capable of delivering more impact energy than SDS-Plus rotary hammer drills. This means that SDS-Max drill bits can handle more demanding drilling applications and are better suited for drilling through hard materials like concrete, stone, and asphalt.
Applications: SDS-Max drill bits are typically used in heavy-duty applications, such as drilling large holes for pipes or cables, or breaking up concrete and masonry. SDS-Plus drill bits are generally used for lighter-duty applications, such as drilling holes for anchors or fasteners, or creating channels for wiring or plumbing.
Availability: SDS-Max drill bits are less common than SDS-Plus drill bits and may be more difficult to find in local hardware stores. SDS-Plus drill bits are widely available and can be used in both SDS-Plus and SDS-Max rotary hammer drills with the appropriate adapter.
In summary, SDS-Max drill bits are larger and more durable than SDS-Plus drill bits, and they are better suited for heavy-duty drilling applications. SDS-Plus drill bits are smaller and more versatile, and they are better suited for lighter-duty drilling applications.

What better place to use SDS MAX DRILL BIT?

SDS-Max drill bits are designed for heavy-duty drilling applications and are best suited for use in rotary hammer drills with an SDS-Max chuck. Here are some common applications where SDS-Max drill bits are used:
Drilling Large Holes: SDS-Max drill bits are capable of drilling larger holes than SDS-Plus drill bits, making them ideal for drilling holes for pipes, conduits, and cables in concrete, masonry, and other hard materials.
Demolition: SDS-Max drill bits can be used for demolition work, such as breaking up concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials.
Foundation Work: SDS-Max drill bits are commonly used in foundation work, such as drilling holes for rebar or anchor bolts.
Bridge and Road Construction: SDS-Max drill bits are used in the construction of bridges, roads, and other large infrastructure projects, where the ability to drill through hard materials quickly and efficiently is essential.
Overall, SDS-Max drill bits are ideal for heavy-duty drilling applications where larger holes need to be drilled and where the drill bit needs to withstand high levels of impact force.