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As CHISELING Manufacturers and CHISELING Factory, We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.

Lichang is a professional manufacturer majoring in producing drill bits, chisels, hole saws, and other tool accessories.

With a land area of 120,000 ㎡, Lichang has five main workshops and 700 machines. Lichang has always taken the lead in equipment investment and advocates for a safer working environment and the completion of quality systems with new technologies in production.

Lichang is a cooperative team consists of more than 400 workers. We supply CHISELING Wholesale and we respect and care for our employees, clients, and society and provide our employees with regular and professional training. Over the years, we are constantly improving our technology to create better products for clients.

Lichang strives to supply high-quality products and services. That’s why we have clients from around the world. You can easily discover more than 300 Lichang agents in China and our products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

This is Lichang , who wants to create a better lifestyle!


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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.
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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.
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 Industry knowledge

We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”. 

What is Chiseling?

Chiseling refers to the process of cutting or shaping a hard material, such as stone or metal, using a chisel. A chisel is a hand tool with a sharp cutting edge at the end of a metal blade, which is typically driven into the material with a mallet or hammer to remove small amounts of material at a time.
Chiseling is commonly used in woodworking, masonry, sculpture, and metalworking to carve or create intricate designs, shapes, or textures in the material being worked on. It requires precision, skill, and patience to achieve the desired result, and is often used by artisans and craftspeople to create unique and beautiful pieces of art or functional objects.
Chisel is a hand tool used for cutting, shaping or carving hard materials such as stone, metal, or wood. The blade of a chisel is typically made from a hard and durable material that can withstand the pressure and impact of striking it with a hammer or mallet. The handle of a chisel is usually made from a material that is comfortable to grip and provides a firm, non-slip surface.

The most common materials used for chisel blades are:

High-carbon steel: This is a popular material for chisels because it is hard, durable, and can hold a sharp edge. High-carbon steel can be heat-treated to increase its hardness and resistance to wear.
Tungsten carbide: This is a very hard and durable material that is often used for chisels that are designed to cut through tough materials such as concrete, brick, and stone.
Ceramic: Ceramic chisels are very hard and can hold an edge well, but they are brittle and can break easily if dropped or mishandled.
Chiseling are used in a wide range of applications, including woodworking, metalworking, stonemasonry, and sculpture. Woodworking chisels are typically smaller and designed for finer detail work, while metalworking and stonemasonry chisels are usually larger and have a more robust construction. Some common uses for chisels include:
Removing material from a workpiece to create a specific shape or design
Sharpening and cleaning up the edges of joints in woodworking
Cutting and shaping metal or stone components in metalworking and stonemasonry
Carving intricate designs or sculptures from wood, stone, or other materials